Tall boots, boots, ankle boots and booties are among the indispensable shoe models for autumn and winter. They provide such great comfort when they are worn that boots are often preferred even in summer. We examined such comfortable and stylish shoe models for you and listed 5 different boot styles. Here are 5 different ways to wear boots:

Use light colors and dark colors together

When the weather gets colder, dark or earthy colors are generally preferred. However, there are women who like to wear white even in winter. It cannot be denied that wearing white in winter has a different mood. For those who like to wear light colors, dark boots provide balance and provide a stylish look. Accessories such as belts or bags that match the color of the boots are considered small clues that provide integrity.

Take off your socks over the boots


Socks, which have become one of the trend of wearing boots, create a nice look by pulling on the boots. Boots that are worn with socks give a stylish look especially in skirt and dress combinations.

Try wearing boots with dresses


How would you like to step out of the ladylike look and step into a feminine yet shabby chic? The boots worn under the dresses do just that and create a beautiful style with a shabby chic.

Ankle boots & ankle pants


The ankle boots, which are among the models often preferred by the world-famous top models, offer a different atmosphere by combining with casual trousers and tights ending at the ankle. The tiny skin image between shoes and trousers becomes a detail that appeals to the whole style.

Pencil skirt & boots meeting


Imagine an outfit made of classic pieces like a pencil skirt meets boots! Promising elegance and comfort, this image creates a combination that will add style to your style.