You will continue to move forward in balance in all your relationships that will express yourself comfortably. So this week it is very important for you to stay in balance and to speak positively. Like the people around you, everything can get worse. You are supported in your career fields, success is on your side this week. We are in a week when his sign should pay close attention to himself regarding health.

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You have entered a week where you want to return to yourself, take care of yourself. You are very tired, dear bulls. You managed a lot of jobs, there were jobs where you saw your place. Now that you have improved your awareness and you have pulled back your expectations, you do not force anyone to change, you are happy with very small things now, and you do not let anyone upset you. Supported by your career fields. Money, your earning intentions are now coming true. If you are in a relationship, being on your own and not trying to convince the other person about something will be very good this week. Let's pay attention to the common cold as his horoscope for health.

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Are you one of those who have had insomnia since last week? This week will have more relaxing effects for you after Wednesday. You have had a hard time in your business life, you have entered a lot of deadlocks. But now you are resolving to make your career life. Unemployed Gemini signs can attract new job offers into your life. Don't be in a hurry, just be exploring and searching your way. Be open to all innovations, you can go through a huge change. You are ending your issues that do not go anymore, that do not find their way. Please sound and be careful about health, such as having a sign.

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Some of you, who have worn out in monetary matters in recent years, have given great tests. 2020 may have been better for you in this sense. This week you are supported in your monetary fields. However, you may still not have a complete order and balance in your relationships, dear Cancer signs. During these periods of eclipse, of course, you will also feel the effects, the relationships you have experienced may come to your mind and there may be imbalances in your mood. Please try to control your anger. Put your executive, calm side to the fore and avoid arguments.

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You are gradually leaving behind your problems in your social and business life. This week try to stay balanced, be a listener. If you can, your emotional relationship and friendships will progress very well and you can achieve success in your business. The sky supports and supports starting new relationships. We recommend you to pay attention to your shoulder, back and chest area in health.

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We have entered the last weeks of the year. Where did the wind of 2020 want to take you and where did you have a hard time, which shores did you not want to dock? If you close your past issues with love, success and love will be on your side. Otherwise, your communication problems will continue. Be very careful with your health. Do not neglect any subject.

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You are getting rid of the uncertainties and challenging parts in your business life this week. If you have investment or legal issues, you are very lucky. You should act in a balanced and planned way, by targeting yourself. You have to be listeners and express yourself well. Luckily this week you can get good news on your side.

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Be very careful in your social relationships, control your anger, respect the criticism, dear Scorpio signs this week. If the scorpions with a relationship dominate your anger, if you do not see things that will get angry and you question them calmly, your relationship will continue in peace and balance. they can open. Keep your logic at the forefront more than emotions. You are supported in your business life, in financial matters. You can be applauded in your business life.

You may have suffered losses and injustices in your business life, but now you are relieved. Your right will return to you. If you have a government business or court, you can experience relief and resolution on these issues.

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Dear Sagittarius, you should be very careful with your communications. If you are tough behind other characters, for example, do not try to appear soft, or if you are lazy, do not look hard. Your clear and positive stance will be good for all your relationships. You can have new acquaintances. Be transparent, be like you, do not try to look different. Those who are in a relationship will prefer to stay in balance and peace. You can get returns from abandoned springs. You can also welcome this situation positively. Even if there is a situation that we normally do not want, the energies of the moon do not say so this time. Be wary of your health, early notices can heal you.

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You are completely changing, your awareness is increasing and you are setting sail for opportunities. Job seeking Capricorn signs may come up with jobs where you can work for a long time. Employees will achieve success in their jobs. Your health is getting better with each passing day compared to the past years. You may have tooth, bone, spine, shoulder tenderness. You will relax in your relationships. As of the second half of the week, you can meet different people and start new relationships.

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Working Aquarius signs, success is on your side. Just don't be in a hurry and worry, and don't put pressure on people, just let it flow. Relationships can be a very balanced and peaceful week for you. Those who do not have a relationship can start long-term relationships. We recommend that you be careful about colds for your health.

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This week, you can face your tiredness with the effect of being stuck. We advise you not to worry about your health, keep your life energy high. Try not to get into arguments with anyone, you may not be understood, everyone will understand as they want to understand. Those who have a relationship, value your relationship this week, take care.

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