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12 Apr Week of April 12-18 Horoscope
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ARIES:Dear coaches, you have dealt with a lot of difficulties in your business life, this week, you are now solving your problems, you are relieved and you are adding success to your career success. T..
05 Apr Week of April 5-11 Horoscope
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5-11 APRIL WEEK SIGNSARIES:It can be a very tense week for you guys, dear coaches. You may find many people around you cocky and get nervous. We recommend that you spend the week calmly, with music an..
23 Mar Week of March 22-28 Horoscope
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HOROSCOPES OF MARCH 22-28ARIES:Even though you may feel indecisive at any time of fateful decisions. You may want to handle two situations at the same time. Emotional can get in the way of your logic,..
09 Nov Week of November 9-15 Horoscope
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9-15 NOVEMBER WEEKSARIES:You are entering a week in which your self-confidence will increase. This will allow you to take a deep breath and strengthen your relationships with your immediate surroundin..
09 Nov Week of November 16-22 Horoscope
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16-22 NOVEMBER WEEKSARIES:Working coaches, the sky is on your side this week, ready to open the doors you expect. If you are doing your own business, you may come up with ideas you have never thought ..
09 Nov Week of November 23-29 Horoscope
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23-29 NOVEMBER WEEKARIES:This week's topic will be relationships for you, dear coaches. You can feel the tension of the sky on you, and this can force you in your relationships. You should try to be p..
09 Nov Week of November 30-December 6 Horoscope
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30 NOVEMBER- 6 DECEMBER WEEKSARIES:You will continue to move forward in balance in all your relationships that will express yourself comfortably. So this week it is very important for you to stay in b..
02 Nov Week of November 2 - 8 Horoscope
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2-8 KASIM HAFTASI BURÇLARKOÇ:Bu hafta duygusal olarak kendinizi gergin hissedebilirsiniz. Tavsiyemiz ilişkilerinizde geçmiş konuları açmayın,iş hayatında ise dinleyici ve sakin kalın. Yeni iş teklifle..
24 Sep Indispensable of Summer and Winter Months: Boots!
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When it comes to boots, the first and only season that comes to mind is undoubtedly winter, but with the ever-changing fashion trend and constantly changing designs, boots can now be worn not only in ..
24 Sep Street Style in Autumn
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Street Style in AutumnIntroducing the clothing trends of the 2016 Autumn / winter season, the designers create special pieces once again. The pieces that will make up the autumn fashion come out toget..
24 Sep Top 5 Ways to Wear Boots!
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Tall boots, boots, ankle boots and booties are among the indispensable shoe models for autumn and winter. They provide such great comfort when they are worn that boots are often preferred even in summ..
24 Sep Autumn Wedding Fashion
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Autumn Wedding FashionThe wedding season, which opens with the warming of the weather, continues until the last days of autumn. During the wedding preparation, there is a very tiring and tiring but sw..
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